Why September Is One Of The Best Months To Travel

holidays in september

If you are like the many other millions of tourists who look forward to their summer holiday all year then you may be one of those that takes it during July & August… But have you ever considered going in September?

Many savvy holidaymakers have started to delay their holiday to take advantage of the benefits of travelling in September.

What benefits might you enjoy if you can hold out just a little longer?

Cheaper Holiday

It is a well known fact that holidays are more expensive when the kids are off school because the demand is so much higher at this time.

However, once the kids are back at school the travel companies tend to offer out lots of promotions and discounts to eek out that last bit of juice from the summer season. If you don’t yet have kids or they have flown the next then you can take advantage of this to land yourself a discount holiday.

Perfect Weather

Now, obviously September is going to be cooler than the peak of July/August but in many locations it actually allows for a more comfortable temperature all day long.

This will allow you to soak up more time on the beach, getting just as good a tan as you would in the earlier months in the year but without having to sweat out your body weight in water!

It also means that you can enjoy your dinner in the evening and the beautiful sunsets without over-heating.

Less Kids

beach love silhouette

As with our earlier point about the cheaper holidays due to the kids being back at school, it also means there will be less kids running around the hotels and causing havoc on the beach.

Child free holiday destinations have been sought after for several years now as couples look to get away on romantic breaks or for some chilled out time.

You can reap those same benefits by taking your holiday in September without having to pay the premium that some resorts add to the price for them being adults only.

On this note as well, due to this not being peak holiday time all those beaches and tourists spots will be much less busy in September!

Have you had a holiday in September? If not give it a try.

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