Our Pick: The Best Destinations In The Caribbean

best destinations in the caribbean

The Caribbean – it is one of the most sought after holiday regions in the world and it is easy to see why with white sandy beaches, sun, cocktails and more!

Interestingly the Caribbean is a lot bigger than many people think, it spans over 1 million square miles and includes over 7,000 islands!

To help make it easier for you to pick your next or maybe even your first Caribbean holiday, we have pulled out our picks for the best destinations in the Caribbean.

Best Destinations In The Caribbean

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is for us one of the most under-rated of the Caribbean countries. The family friendly island is packed full of things to do and has a resort suited to just about any need.

The white sandy beaches and tropical weather make it a paradise to visit. Compared to many other countries is in area it is very affordable with resorts that span across budgets.

It is easy to access with regular flights to Punta Cana where you can get a transfer to one of the many excellent resorts on the island. Our pick is La Romana to the south – it is just like a postcard paradise.



Jamaica is possibly one of the most well known countries in the Caribbean and well known all over the world.

Whether you recognise them for the sporting prowess with greats like Usain Bolt or icons such as Bob Marley, almost everyone know a story about Jamaica.

What many people might not know is just how diverse the culture is on the island with influences from Africa, Asian & Europe clearly present.

There are plenty of attractions for those that like to get out and about as well as many all-inclusive resorts where you can kick-back with a cocktail and relax.

Our pick of the resorts would be Runaway Bay on the north of the island!


North of Jamaica and to the west of Dominican Republic we find the island of Cuba.

This vibrant island is home to the city of Havana which has been the feature of many songs and movies. It is an energetic city full of music and dancing and not to forget their vintage cars!

Outside of Havana you will find peaceful ocean towns and resorts where time just stands still.

Grab yourself a sun lounger and a cocktail and simply relax in this little paradise.


When people talk about paradise Barbados is one of the first places that comes to peoples minds.

White sand beaches, palm trees and crystal clear seas really do make it a postcard location.

Not only is it a feast for your eyes but it will also satisfy your stomach to. Their rich vibrant flavours will leave you wanting more and more.

It is a perfect holiday location all year round and don’t forget your camera as you are like to snap some memories during your stay!

These are our four picks for the best destinations in the Caribbean but to be totally honest you will have an amazing time wherever you end up as there is so much to be discovered on all of the islands.

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