5 Perfect Holiday Destinations For October

New York City

If you are in the hunt for the perfect holiday destinations for October, we have pulled together five holidays destinations that should be high on your list.

It may surprise many that October is actually a really popular time for people to go on holiday. Summer is a distant memory and most people are getting ready for the long winter ahead.

The reason that many like to travel in October is that the half-term provides one last chance for families to get away before the Christmas/New Year period.

Holiday Destinations For October



If you are not looking to travel too far and love a city-break then Amsterdam is a great choice.

With its stunning canals, beautiful buildings and plenty of attractions to keep tourists of all ages entertained you will not fall short of things to do.

One of our highlights is to enjoy one of the canal boat rides through the city where a guide will introduce you to the city in a way you would not have seen it by foot.

Stop for a coffee or something a bit stronger in one of the many cafe bars that are perfectly situated near the cities bridges and simply watch the world go by.

New York

New York City

A city that makes its way on to most peoples to-see list, New York is stunning at this time of year.

Whether you want to visit scenes from your favourite TV Shows/Movies or visit some of the many famous sites this city has to offer you simply will never run out of things to do.

There are almost too many must-see things that we can list for NYC but if you are in town then a trip to Central Park and the Empire State Building simply have to make the cut on your to-do list.


Who hasn’t been to Dubai yet! It seems like everyone is going there recently.

One of the main pulling points for Dubai in October is the weather. It is a great chance to soak up some sun before you tackle the long, cold, dark winter. The average temperature in Dubai in October is 35 degrees!

There is something for everyone in this cosmopolitan city but the item we would suggest you add to your list would be a visit to the Burj Khalifa – the tallest skyscraper in the world, you literally can’t miss it!


If you are looking for that last blast of good weather before the winter kicks in then Greece offers good value at this time of year.

Typically the weather still averages around 20 degrees and as the peak holiday season has pasted everything is a lot calmer.

A great chance to unwind on one of the many islands and take strolls through the idilic villages. With great food, drink and culture to soak in you sill not be disappointed.

Our picks would be to take a look at Crete and Rhodes!


holiday destinations for october

For us Marrakesh is one of those places that you need to find time to visit at some point in your life and is one of the best holiday destinations for October.

Experiencing the culture and noise of the DjemaĆ¢ el Fna – one of the busiest squares in the world. You will find snake charmers, dancers and smell food cooking away the likes of which you have not experienced before.

Once you make your way out of the square and into the souk you will find vendors trying to sell you anything from drums to rugs to slippers and offers you the chance to haggle prices with the locals – trust me, you will lose.

October is a great chance to experience Marrakesh as the weather is mild enough to allow you to experience it all in comfort.

We hope that you have found some inspiration in our five selections for the perfect holiday destinations for October!

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