Our Pick: 6 Best Holiday Destinations for May

holiday destinations for may

All things seem possible in May! Have you heard of this saying? Yes, it is true to some extent and thus May is the perfect month for holidays. Holidays help people to cleanse their souls from various bad attributes and negative thoughts. Various countries around the globe tend to get the summer season in the start or mid of May due to which people of such countries spend their holidays in places that have moderate weather. There are various holiday destinations for May from which you can choose one, here is our list of recommendations!


This is among most ideal holiday destinations for May because the weather in Israel during this period is moderately warm. Tourists in Israel tend to visit the historical religious places that this country is filled up with. Bethlehem is one such religious place that a big population of tourists visit as it is factually the oldest Church in the world and also is considered as the place where Jesus Christ was born. There are various gardens at this destination that are filled with flowers that have vibrant colors which makes each of them photograph worthy. A big population of tourists go on floating in the world-famous Dead Sea. During the month of May, tourists learn a lot about the culture of the people of Israel as various national events take place.


Among the holiday destination for May, China is a great choice as during this time of the year the weather is mildly warm here but the level of humidity is quite low, which makes it an ideal location to visit. In May, you can visit the Great Wall of China and admire its structure because the tourist attraction is not as strong in this period as it is during the cold season. Another thing that tourists do while visiting china is that they try various types of Chinese foods because the Chinese cuisine is quite diverse and comprises of foods such as cockroaches, various types of insects, lizards and a lot of other items. Although most of China has been developed in a way that shows features of advanced technology, still there are museums in this country that fully explains the chinese culture and traditions. Another thing that attracts tourist to china is that they get to the endangered species of pandas at various zoo centers that have been developed all across the country. If you are a shopaholic then it is a must for you to visit this place as there are abundant shopping centers that sell everything that you can imagine.

Madeira, Portugal

This Mediterranean island is among the most ideal holiday destinations for May as the temperature there is warm but the humidity level is quite low. Various features of this island attract a big population of tourists each year. One such feature is the volcanic Island scenery that can be seen and admired from this destination. This view is completely breathtaking and is considered as the best view in the west of Africa. Madeira also consists of black sand beaches as well as amazing walking paths. This is the best time to take a stroll on those beautiful walking paths as after May the temperature here starts to rise. The food here is amazing and you should try as much as you can or else you would regret it.


Nepal is an excellent and greenest holiday destination for May because during this month you can easily trek on the Himalayas as the rainy season has not started yet. Tourists visit the base camp of K2 during this month and are just mesmerized by seeing the beauty of this mountain. It is recommended that a person should not go on the trek from Namche to the base camp during May as there is a huge tourist population present there due to which it would take a person days before he/she reaches the base camp. Tourists who visit Nepal in the month of May tend to participate in the celebrations that take place throughout Nepal because May is the birthday month of Buddha. If you want to enjoy the biggest party in Nepal during the month of May then you should go to Bhaktapur or Patan.

Munich, Germany

This is also a great holiday destination for May because the temperature here is mild in days (about 19 to 20 degrees) and cold at night (about 7 to 8 degrees). A big event that the people of Munich enjoy during the month of May is the spring fest. This festival consists of a wide variety of rides and people consume a lot of beer during this festival. This city is filled with stunning views of gardens, rivers and various other wonders of manmade and natural structures. If you are into adventure sports then you can go surfing in various rivers of this city as it is really popular here.

Ibiza, Spain

This is one of the best holiday destinations for May because the weather is hot here but the levels of humidity are quite low. You can freely explore this city in the month of May because the peak of tourism has not started just yet. Ibiza has some of the most gorgeous beaches in the world and these beaches are quite identical to the beaches of the Caribbean. You can just enjoy an evening by either laying down on the beach or by admiring the view of the sparkling blue water of the sea. Walk trails have been marked for tourists and as you walk through these paths you tend to enter wild forests of Ibiza and would also be able to see the remains of villages that were wiped out by floods. One of the best things about Ibiza is the food because the taste of its cuisine is so different and delicious and can only be found here .Ibiza is known as the party house of the earth because it has amazing night clubs and Famous DJs of the world come to perform here.


These are by far the 6 best holiday destinations for May as each of the places possess stunning features that keeps a tourist here for a good amount of time.

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