Our Top 5 Holiday Destinations for March

holiday destinations march

March is the month of love, fun, and happiness. Moreover, it is a perfect month to go on a vacation. Holidays help a person to remove negative feelings like depression and stress from their lives for a limited time and help them to enjoy fully. March is a great month to go on holiday because in most countries the weather is quite good and bearable. During this month, children also get their spring holidays due to which the whole family can go on a holiday, if they can. Here is our list of recommended holiday destinations for March!

Borneo, Malaysia

Malaysia due to many reasons is one of the perfect holiday destinations for March. The temperature in Borneo during March goes up to 32 degrees and comes down to 27 degrees. These weather conditions are quite bearable due to which many tourists visit this destination during this period. This city is also the largest island that can be found in the continent of Asia and has been surrounded by abundant swamps, mangroves, mountains of moderate height. Borneo is home to a 140-year-old rainforest. In the northern portion of this city, 55% of the total area has been covered by jungles. During this period, you can get to see different species of animals and fishes in this city such as orangutans in their habitat and sharks & whales can also be spotted around the Lankan Island that is popular due to its glowing reefs. A person would get tired while exploring this beautiful city so one could just relax for a bit in Gaya Island as it contains abundant swimming pools and various kinds of delicious cocktails for consumption.


Jamaica is among the most amazing holiday destinations for March. During the month of March, the temperature in Jamaica goes up till 29 degrees, which is quite good and this place receives about 12 hours of sunlight on a regular basis due to which it can be considered as a sunbathing paradise. There are also plenty of beaches present at this destination and a wide range of cocktails are also provided here. A person can just grab a drink in their hand and enjoy the view of the beautiful beaches and of the extremely bright and vibrant shops present at this destination. The night is the best time of this destination because at night the Caribbean’s party in their way and this is one of the main features for which they are famous around the world. You can also rent out a beautiful resort for yourself in Jamaica to relax for a bit. If you are a person who loves to hike then Jamaica is surely made for you as it contains fascinating forests that consist of beautiful and long waterfalls and also contains unique and beautiful species of wildlife within these forests.

Paris, France

Paris is considered to be one of the most beautiful cities around the world and many tourists visit this city when the spring season has started as during this season the temperature reaches a bearable level. This city is known as the city of romance as many people have proposed to their loved ones under the world-famous Eiffel tower that is present in this city. While visiting Paris do not forget to drink cups of coffee from cafes around the city as these are extremely delicious and should not be missed. Another reason why Paris attracts so many tourists is that it is a home to several historical figures and monuments that intrigues some types of humans. The hotels present in Paris are of the best standards so you should not worry about the accommodation here. If you are a person to who has a good taste in clothing then this is the right city for you as it is home to many of biggest fashion brands of the world such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Givenchy, Dior and etc. 


Maldives stands among the most beautiful and alluring holiday destinations for March. This place is famous for its uniquely shaped islands. Many tourists tend to visit this place in the month of March because the temperature is about 29 degrees in the day and at night it drops down a bit. In the month of March, the natives celebrate the start of Rabee-ul-Awwal in the start of March so if you are visiting this place during this time then you should be ready to go on a lot of attractive religious marches and parades. While being in the Maldives you can visit its capital city, Male. People, who are interested in sightseeing, can do it at the grand Friday mosque, fish markets or museums that are located within this place. You should surely visit Meera Island as it is considered as the paradise of this country because it consists of beautiful beaches, lagoons and various other wonders of nature. If you are a fan of diving or swimming then you can carry out these practices at Biyadhoo Island.

Cape Town, South Africa

 Well our last but not the least suggestion for holiday destinations for March is Cape Town. The temperature of Cape Town starts to decrease in the month of March. During this month, the process of wine harvesting has also been started. If you visit this city in the march then you could get accommodations at a cheap rate because during this month only a few tourists visit this city. While being in this country one should visit its beautiful beaches. There are various hiking spots throughout the city so you can go on one if it interests you. Other than this, various public events take place during this month such as the International Jazz Festival, the carnival of Cape Town and some others as well.

Hope you liked our list of the 5 best destinations for March that a tourist can visit as each of them possess such a unique specialty that makes a person want to stay there for a good long time!

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