5 Amazing Holiday Destinations for April

holiday destinations for april

It is recommended for a person to go on vacation at least once or twice every year. The reason for this is that a person gets to break out from their hectic routines and would be able to relax for some time. April is a great month for travelling as the season of spring begins in various cities around the globe during this month, due to which you can enjoy your trip to such locations. There are an abundant number of holiday destinations for April. But here we enlist top 5 destinations and reasons why they are the best destinations for April!

Amsterdam, Netherlands

This is one of the ideal holiday destinations for April because the temperature level gets as high as 11 degrees during the days and at night these levels come down to around 4 degrees. In the honor of a celebration, the whole city of Amsterdam turns orange at the end of April and if you are in this city during this time then these views are not to be missed as they are drop dead gorgeous.  During the month of April, the tulip fields of this city begin to bloom. Keukenhof is one such location that a tourist should visit because it is factually one of the biggest and most beautiful fields of flowers that cease to exist around the world. Amsterdam has hotels that have been developed on world-class standards so the tourist should not worry about their accommodation. 

Cancun, Mexico

Cancun is among the most magical holiday destinations for April. During the month of April, the days here are usually quite sunny as the temperature reaches around 32 degrees and at night it falls to 23 degrees in the night. In April, an event by the name of Playa Del Carmen takes place at this destination which tourists enjoy a lot. While being in this location, do visit the island of Cozumel as you can feel the cool breezes of the ocean hitting your face gently. April is not a peak month of tourist population for this area due to which you can get great accommodation at a subsidized rate. If a person loves to drink then it is a must for them to visit this place as a large range of drinks is served here. The night is the best time of this location as it consists of several night clubs and the most famous DJs of the world showcase their skills here.

Lisbon, Portugal

Which country could be better than Portugal, when you are looking for holiday destinations for April. It is the capital of Portugal and is a beautiful city that makes a person feel calm and relaxed just by looking at the views that it provides. While visiting Lisbon, it is highly recommended for a tourist to try most of the cuisines that they offer as each dish has its own taste and are very delicious. If you are a shopaholic then you would love this country a lot of shopping centers have been developed all around the city and these shopping centers contain anything and everything that you could want. There are various historical places and paintings present in Lisbon that might attract people of a certain kind. To enhance your mood, you can go to a rooftop bar and have a drink or visit one of the many beautiful beaches present here and relax for some time.  The best part about Lisbon is that it is extremely cheap and you can spend a few days here without breaking your bank.


Japan is an excellent holiday destination for April. Japan tends to attract a large population of tourists during this time of the year as the beautiful cherry blossom trees of Japan began to bloom in this period and this sight of a natural process is extremely satisfying and beautiful to watch. A tourist should visit Kyoto because it is a place where a special species of trees have been planted side by side in a canal. If you are a kind of person, who likes to learn about various cultures then the Hirosaki Park of japan would seem intriguing to you as this park is able to show the visitors the true history and culture of the people of Japan. If you are visiting japan then it is a must for you to come to the kenrokuen garden as it considered as one of the best gardens that japan has because it comprises of various wonders of the nature such as tranquil ponds, large fountains and some species of flowers and plants that have vibrant colors and can be only found in this part of the world. Japanese cuisine is famous for its unique taste around the world, so a tourist should enjoy as much of this cuisine as they can while visiting this country.

Venice, Italy

Venice is a beautiful holiday destination for April as during this month the temperature levels are quite bearable and the humidity percentage in the air is low. Venice is a city that contains a lot of Italian history so if you are a person who is intrigued by the history of various countries then Venice is the best place for you. Apart from this, a tourist should definitely go on a boat ride while they are in Venice as they can get to see the whole city from the canal and this view is quite mesmerizing. During the month of April, the visitors can get great rates for accommodation in this city as the tourist boom period has just not started yet. Great Italian food is consumed in this city so one should enjoy as many flavors of this cuisine as possible. A tourist should also explore the St Mark’s square and St Mark’s basilica as these locations are popular tourist attractions.

These are the top 5 holiday destinations for April that a person should visit because by visiting such destinations, your mood would lighten up instantly and you won’t like to go back any time soon.

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